Thursday, 10 July 2014

New Blog

I have decided that I want to take my blog in a different direction, the content will be similar but I just want it to be a little more professional and a tad more me ...

There will be some posts that pop up on there you will have seen before but they will be edited and hopefully read better than the original posts on here.

I will be asking bloglovin to transfer you all over so please don't click the unfollow button and lets start this journey all together again.

If you want to venture over to the new blog the link is below ....

georgie x

Thursday, 19 June 2014

iPANEMA Flip Flops

I was sent a pair of flip flops to review from a company called iPANEMA, iPANEMA footwear is inspired by the glamorous Ipanema neighbourhood in Brazil. Their collection is full to brim with the exotic and happy spirit of the Brazilian culture. iPAMEMA are extremely environmentally friendly, the material used for their footwear, melflex, is recyclable and also vegan friendly. All their footwear come in a variety of styles and patterns, in many colours, adorned with crystals, charms and gemstones.

I chose these purple and pink jazz pair, I was so surprised how thick the actual flip flops are, usually they are really thin so these particular ones are a dream to walk in. They are made out of melflex plastic which makes them extremely flexible and very comfortable. The strap is great too and if you are not used to wearing flip flops you wouldn't find these uncomfortable. I have been wearing these around the house since I got them and they really are lovely to wear.

I do however wish they did them a little wider as I do find my foot slips but that will stop once I have worn them for a while. Flip flops always take long to break in and I can not wait until these do as I know they will be my go to sandal for the beach and around the house. Perfect for running errands too.

They also sent me this amazing beach bag!! It is huge and just perfect for us, inside it has pockets for your bits and bobs and just a ridiculous amount of space for towels and snacks. I really love the rope strap detail, I have been looking for bags to take down to the beach and also the pool so iPanema has saved me a job buying one.

Thank you iPANEMA for sending me these lovely flip flops they will be well loved!!

Have you ever tried iPANEMA footwear??

Georgie xx

I would have posted a photo of them on my feet but I stubbed my toe the other day and my nail is in a bad way and looks so gross, but as soon as it heals I will add the photo to this post!