Thursday, 10 July 2014

New Blog

I have decided that I want to take my blog in a different direction, the content will be similar but I just want it to be a little more professional and a tad more me ...

There will be some posts that pop up on there you will have seen before but they will be edited and hopefully read better than the original posts on here.

I will be asking bloglovin to transfer you all over so please don't click the unfollow button and lets start this journey all together again.

If you want to venture over to the new blog the link is below ....

georgie x

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

What Rose Wore - Princess Prints & Stripes

top - primark
leggings - h&m
bow - pretty pie

I took these photos on Monday and boy was it cold that day, we had crazy hot but wet weekend and I felt so cold and ill come Monday. Our house was freezing as we had no bodies in it for two days and I am trying to get more wear out of Rose's long sleeved tops. This one she had as a newborn and then we bought them in bigger sizes as they are so soft and I just love the print, it is a little princess with a mess tutu and navy and white polka dot bow. Off to the right of her is a castle and it says "Home Sweet Home" ... Oh the life of a princess!

It seemed fitting that Rose wore her navy bow and then I had to put her in these striped leggings again this week, I just love her in them. H&M leggings are just so nice, they are not tight nor do they slip off and Rose can crawl, climb and cause mayhem in them with ease.

Her hair is fast becoming a problem, it goes in her eyes all the time and her fringe now covers half her face, but I am so scared to cut it. Not because I will hurt her but because her hair is so beautiful and soft. I can't clip is back either as I am worried the hair clips will fall out or she will pull it out and pop it in her mouth. I do put her fringe up in a top ponytail but that always ends up coming out or her hair just falls out of it. So I have my first hair dilemma and my child isn't even 1 year old yet!!

Happy Hump Day by the way! :) Oh and don't forget to check out Rose's blog everyday, click the button in the side bar.

Georgie & Rose xx

Sunday, 29 June 2014

Old but still Loved

Hello, happy Sunday, I hope your weekend is going well.

Something happened on Tuesday that made me think about loving old toys and I wanted to share with you how a lonely snowman who once lived in an attic got a second chance with another little girl.

A few months ago I went to my Dad's house to pick up things I had left in his attic, I found three huge bags full of cuddly toys. I put most of them in a charity bag in the hope they will be sold to someone who will love them. I then had a pile to bring back home with me, in and amongst them was my snowman teddy. I loved that thing for so many years and had completely forgotten I had him to be honest.

He looked dishevelled but loved, dirty but played with, old but still in good condition, there are no signs of wear and tear, his scarf is a little discoloured and next to Rose's rattle snowman, he does look very "vintage".

I put them side by side and she instantly went for him, yes he is new to her, she has never seen him before, she had no idea how he felt, or what he was, after 5 minutes she was still poking and prodding him and I could see the concentration on her face, taking in all of his features. It was just so heart warming to see him being loved.

It was slowly starting to feel like the beginning to Toy Story 3 but by the end of the day it slowly looks more and more like the end of the movie and The Snowman has a new home with my little girl who I know will love and play with him, sometimes try to eat him.

Here's to the next 25 years Mr Snowman ... 

... Old but still Loved!

Georgie, Rose & Mr Snowman